Getting Ready for Winter

It has been a very busy late summer and early fall here at Pyramid:

Finished up the new manure bin complete with a catch basin drain to catch rain water from around the barn and parking area from going into the paddocks.

Put Pine T&G siding in the stair well going up to the viewing area and Fitness room.

Completed another run in shelter in the horse paddock. This will be the 14th shelter we built. The new shelter has 6 by 6 posts 10ft apart, the roof is 18ft by 15ft with 2×8 walls. We are also trying 1 & 3/8 galvanised tubing attached to the base of the posts to keep the rubber mats in place. And 1 1/2 inch aluminum angle iron on top of the walls to stop the horses from chewing on them.
Thank you to Matthew David for helping with the bin and drain and Dirk Becker for showing us how to build the shelters.