Horse Manure Compost for Sale

We had a beautiful sunny Sunday at Pyramid Stables. It was a nice day to empty the manure bin.  We empty the bin once a month and take the manure down to the compost area.  It takes one year to compost our manure and then we offer it for sale. 
If you do not have a truck we offer deliveries; we can also deliver 40 pound bags for $6 each with a 10-bag minimum order. 


  • High quality 1 yr old Horse Manure + fir sawdust compost.
  • Has been turned + aerated 5 times, maintained a temperature of 140 degree’s for 3 months and 130 degree’s for two months.
  • Organic master gardener recommended.
  • Prices:
    $5 for 40 lb bag – pick up 
    $6 for 40 lb bag – delivered (minimum 10 bag order)
    $50 for full size truck – $40 for short box truck (you provide truck/trailer, I will fill)
    Call 250 390-5062