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Fitness Effects

I used to wonder, “Why don’t these people care?”

Then one day, as I watched a young girl beside me eating a bag of Doritos while walking on a treadmill (true story!), and her friend eating a bag of cookies, it hit me.

I realized it’s not that people don’t care, they are just unaware – not making the connections, which is understandable. With the incredible barrage of advertisements and marketing, it’s hard for people to sort through all of it. More than ever before, so many of us are busy on our hamster wheels, that we miss some of the important things in life. We need to find our way back to the basics.

We need to move our bodies, and like a well oiled machine, we need to fuel that need for energy with nutrition grown from the soil of our earth.

Cherish believes that proper nutrition and fitness are the key element to health, fitness levels and competition success. Humans are such amazing creatures. We just need to learn to take better care of our bodies.


Since fitness and nutrition are so important, it is imperative that we find out how to eat healthy and stay fit. There is no single activity that will enable you to achieve overall fitness. A combination of cardiovascular, strength training, and flexibility-promoting activities has been proven to be most effective. A complete fitness program uses a variety of different forms of exercise to condition muscles, develop strength, reduce training boredom, lower BMI (body mass index), reduce the risk of injury and increase the overall level of fitness.

Cherish first decided to become a personal trainer after a bad car accident in 2005. Her crash temporarily halted her riding career. After many trial and error efforts to “fix” her back, she concluded that a significant change in her lifestyle was the only way she was ever going to ride again. She began her education and realized just how huge a difference her fitness program could make.

Equishape Fitness for Equestrians…

Equishape is a program of cross training exercises specifically designed for the equestrian. It helps by combining critical elements of fitness needed for this sport including balance, flexibility, strength where it’s needed most, mental conditioning and aerobic conditioning for endurance.
The goal for all riders is to achieve that ultimate feeling of “oneness” and communication with our horses. Equishape benefits us as riders and also our equine partners. We riders, and our horses need to be strong, supple, and generally fit to prevent injury and maximize our performance. Any type of imbalance or weakness in our core can lead to something as simple as a time fault, a rail down or more seriously… a bad crash.

“I wish I knew about cross training when I was 15. If only someone had told me to add this or incorporate that into my training and I wouldn’t have so many injuries and ailments when I’m 25, or be hanging up my boots by the time I’m 30.”

Equishape also makes our heart and lungs stronger. The more you’re educated about your body and how it works, the better rider you become.

I was once stretching an international rider and noticed that the right side of his shoulder was more developed then his left. I asked “which one of your horses pulls on your right rein?” He replied, “My stallion does, how did you know that?” A trained eye can easily see imbalance in the body, which, not surprisingly, will impact your riding.

Cherish’s combination of skills and experience, being a riding coach of 15 yrs, in the competition ring, and 8 years as an Equishape and fitness trainer, make her uniquely able to assist both the horse and rider as a team. She understands, better than most, what both horse and rider need to be at their peak performance.

“I teach equishape for several reasons. My goal is to get people to understand that this is a demanding sport where men and women compete equally. It’s also a sport that can age and damage our bodies (even at a young age) if we don’t take care of ourselves. I also get to combine my two greatest passions – horses and health!”

“Use it, or lose it!” Applying knowledge of cardio (heart) fitness, functional training, isolation training, warm up using dynamic stretches, cool down with static stretches and proper nutrition, you will reach your

Cherish Thomas is NCCP and BCRPA certified. She continues to advance her personal training knowledge, education and experience every year in the evolving fitness industry. She has taken courses such as Training the Mind of the Elite Athlete, Nutrition, Conflict and Difficult behavior, Travel Teaching, Training Children Teens & Active Families.

Fitness Effects Equestrian and Personal Training offers:

Personalized Online fitness and nutrition programs / gym training sessions / at home programs / buddy training / nutrition and weight-loss programs. Her Online Training programs have clients from coast to coast.

Cherish travels to teach clinics both in riding and fitness.

She has experience working with beginners, weight-loss, athletes, chemotherapy patients, pre/post surgery, youth, seniors, sports cross training and everything in between!

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